What is the benefit of linking to a navigation system?

  1. Trip Planning Window Information:

    • Access to the truck's location (postcode and city).
    • Real-time data on the time and distance to the next loading address.
    • Visual representation of the trip route on the map, along with the machine's current location.
    • Details about the start time of the working day and the hours driven on that day.
    • Automatic load status updates.
    • When approaching a loading or delivery address, the load status is changed to "Approaching loading address" or "Approaching delivery address."
    • Upon arrival at a loading or delivery address, the load status is automatically updated to "Arrived at loading address" or "Arrived at delivery address."
    • Monitoring the duration the truck has spent at loading or delivery addresses.
    • GPS date and time of arrival at the loading address.
  2. Driver App:

    • Display of the truck's current location.
    • Information on the time and distance to the next stacking address.
  3. Customer Portal:

    • Customers can track real-time status changes online.
    • Option to view the location of the load or machine.

The truck utilizes the MAPON navigation system, enabling features such as:

  • Recording trip speedometer readings at the beginning and end of each trip, along with GPS-tracked kilometers traveled during the trip.
  • Calculation of allowances per trip based on the country.
  • Assignment of the correct driver to each vehicle at the start of the day through the Ozols system.

This integration with the navigation system enhances operational efficiency and provides valuable insights into the status and progress of deliveries.